To adjust your subscription settings:

Please log into
Scroll down in the settings section
Here you will see a downgrade or delete account option

If you are a paid user you can use the downgrade option to keep your account active and get moved to the free tier. You will still be able to view your past meetings and transcripts inside Fireflies.
Account Settings Page
If you delete your account, account cancellation is permanent after 30 days and it cannot be retrieved or reactivated. Any audio files, transcripts or notes will be lost.

Refund Process:
If you are on the monthly plan and have used Fireflies in less than 3 meetings in under 7 days, you are entitled to a complete refund. All other refunds are prorated by the month. The annual plan does not come with any refunds after the 7 day mark or if more than 20 meetings were processed.

Why is this policy enforced:
In order to avoid system abuse by users who upload a high number of meetings and then request refunds, this is a system level safeguard we put in place.

Please reach out to for more questions or inquiries.
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