About Fireflies Chrome Extension:
Automatically record, transcribe, search and share your meetings or voice conversations.

The Fireflies Chrome extension is a great alternative to the Fireflies Meeting Bot plus it records up to 3 hrs of your meeting. You don't have to worry about inviting Fireflies to meetings. Instead, capture directly from the browser.

How to Install:
Install extension from the Chrome extension store
After installation, click on the Extension icon on your navbar

Find Fireflies.ai for chrome, and click the pin icon

Click on the Fireflies.ai icon and login

How it works:
After installation, whenever you have a meeting hit the Fireflies icon and press start recording. Fireflies will capture both tab audio of the other speakers and your own mic audio for the meeting.

Remember to follow your respective local call recording laws and notify participants as required.

If this is your first time using the extension, click the Fireflies.ai extension and click Activate Microphone.

Once you start recording, you will find these options on screen.

Start Recording: Once you click on “Start Recording”, Fireflies will record & transcribe audio.

Stop/Finish Recording: This will instantly stop your recording. Once you click, you will have the option to rename recording as well as add emails to share the recording.
It will take 5-10 mins (depending on length of recording) to create transcripts.

When you stop recording you will get an email on your registered email id to let you know when the recording is available.

Pause Recording: This will help you ignore unwanted parts of your recording, once you click here, it will pause the recording and when you want to continue recording you hit here again and Fred will start recording your meeting Audio.

Delete Recording: While recording, if you want to delete this recording, you can click on the Delete icon and it will delete the ongoing recording from your profile.
Please note: You will not be able to recover this meeting.

Access Dashboard:

From the Settings, you will be able to check your Notebook, where your meetings and recordings will be saved.

Clicking on Help will take you to our help desk where you find answers to other Fireflies guides/articles.

Enable meetings in browser is a toggle you should enable if you want Zoom, Teams, and other web-conferencing apps to open them in the browser instead of the desktop app. You'll want the meetings running in the browser so that Fireflies chrome extension can capture them.

Allow recording reminder serves as a gentle reminder to follow call compliance laws and notify participants where required.

Meeting features available to you would be based on which plan you are on currently. Plans are as follows:
Free Tier
Pro Tier
Business Tier

Supported Platforms:
You can record meetings on almost any web/browser based platform. Here's a list of a few of the popular platforms people use the Fireflies chrome extension with.

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