If Fred (fred@fireflies.ai) is not joining your meetings, please check any of these scenarios so you can get your meetings recorded and transcribed.

Scenario 1 :: Your Autojoin Setting is on Manual

Manual just means you haven't configured fred@fireflies.ai to automatically join your meetings. For example, if you select Join all calendar events that have a meeting link, then that tells it to automatically join such meetings.

If it is on Join only when I invite fred@fireflies.ai, you need to manually invite fred@fireflies.ai to your meetings. You can also use Chrome Extension for this purpose.

Scenario 2 :: An invite was not sent to Fred

When sending an invite to Fred, please make sure that you press Send Invitation to Google Calendar guests.

Scenario 3 :: There's no URL or Dial-in number and PIN on the Calendar Invite

Fred needs a URL or Dial-in number and PIN for it to join your meeting. Here's a guide on how to do this: https://guide.fireflies.ai/en/articles/3083012-invite-fireflies-to-meetings
You can check out the guide listed in our Web Conferencing Integrations help guide if you are using an app other than Google Meet or Zoom.

Scenario 4 :: Fred was not able to parse the URL or Dial-in number and PIN properly

On rare cases, Fred has a hard time processing the invite if there are a lot of unnecessary text on the calendar invite.
Keep the URL or Dial-in number and PIN. Then remove the rest of the text.

Scenario 5 :: You did not sign-up properly

Make sure that you have completed the onboarding process before inviting Fred to a meeting.
If you are not sure, just go to app.fireflies.ai/setup to finish the set-up process.

If there are still issues, please contact support@fireflies.ai and be ready with the following information:

Meeting title
Time of meeting (please include Time zone)
Web conferencing app used (Example: Zoom, Hangouts, Google Meet, etc)
Screenshot of the invite
Did Fred send a confirmation email that it will be joining?
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