If you had meetings while on the free tier, you can get them transcribed once you are on the business tier.
You can use your monthly pool of 1500 mins (pro) or 2000 mins (biz) to transcribe past meetings.
Once you use up your monthly credits, meetings are transcribed at a discounted rate of $0.03/min

Request Form
To request transcribing past meetings fill this request form

Why do you charge for past meetings?
We have rate limits to prevent platform abuse by individuals who have high call volume while on the free tier and then expect to have everything transcribed for free by temporarily upgrading to the Business Tier. This is not fair to the users who are on the Pro or Business tier from day 1.

Do I need to fill out a request form for future meetings?
No, this request form only applies to past meetings while on the free tier. If you are on the Pro or Business Tier all future meetings are automatically transcribed.

Will I be charged for future meetings like I am for past meetings?
No, the per call charge only applies to past meetings. Your future meetings are transcribed at no charge until you exhaust your monthly rate limit
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