You may have different email ids or aliases that you use which is different from the email address you used to sign up with Fireflies. 

In order to be able to invite Fireflies with different email ids and still see the meetings in the same notebook afterwards, you need to invite the other emails as teammates. 

Go to the Team Settings
Click the Invite Members button

You will see a suggested list of teammates that you can invite or you can manually enter their email address and invite them. There is also an invite URL you can copy and share with your teammates.

Click the Send Invitations button.

After you invite a member, those aliases will receive an email. You need to logout of your current account and login with those aliases. 

Fireflies will treat each alias as if they are a new user.

If there are certain aliases that are not added to your team after sending an invite, reach out to and we will help set up those email aliases.
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