You can set custom viewing permissions for each of your meeting recaps.

Log in to your Fireflies account and then click Notebook on the main menu found on the left.

On your Notebook, click the meeting you want to access.

Click the Padlock icon and select your preferred viewing option.

Your meeting recap page includes the transcript, notes, and audio.

Configurable Viewing Options

Anyone with Link: Anyone you share the URL with
Only Participants: Only you and the participants that were part of your meeting based on the calendar invite
Only Teammates: Only you and your teammates (users who are part of your team workspace)
Only You: Only you can view the meeting

When someone does not have permissions to see the meeting, this is what the recap page will show:

Set Privacy Settings for all meeting recaps by default

Go to Settings from left navigation or directly visit this page:
Under Privacy Settings > Meeting Recap links, from the drop-down select your preferred viewing option.

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