By default, the name of the AI bot that joins your meetings is called, Notetaker.

Fireflies offers an add-on that allows you to customize this name for yourself and your entire team.

How long can the custom bot name be?
30 chars max

Will the bot name take affect across all web-conferencing platforms?
Yes, even if you are using multiple web-conferencing platforms.

What about for meetings I am part of with other Fireflies users?
If that user is not part of your team and is the host/invited Fireflies, the custom name would not take effect. The custom name takes effect for meetings Fireflies joins on your behalf.

Which tiers have access to this feature?
Pro & Business Tier Users

How much does this add-on cost?
This add-on costs $5/bot/mo (non-refundable). For teams who want to have the same bot name, the price is $5/bot/mo for the entire team.

How can I request access?
Request Custom Bot Name

How soon can I start seeing this reflected in my meetings?
One of our teammates will reach out to you to confirm the changes. Expect it to take effect in a few hours.

Can the bot name be updated for my entire team?
Yes, if you have a Fireflies team account, the bot name will be updated for all teammates. We currently don't support different bot names for different users in a team. If you are an enterprise that needs different bot names for each user, you can reach out to us via
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