Salesforce is one integrated CRM platform that provides all your teams a single, shared view of every customer. Integrate it in Fireflies, and you'll be able to sync meetings, notes, and transcripts to Salesforce.

Integrate Salesforce with Fireflies

Log in to your Fireflies account and then click Integrations on the main menu found on the left.

On the Integrations page, hit the icon for Salesforce.

Click on the Connect button.

You'll be redirected to Salesforce where you would be able to sign in to your account.

Please remember that API Integrations is only available for the following Salesforce Plans:

Salesforce Professional Edition does not have API access. Please contact Salesforce if you have questions with their API or if you are not sure whether your plan has access to their API. To know more about whether you have API access, please see this article
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