Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM that helps sales teams boost productivity, processes, and also gives pipeline visibility. Integrating Fireflies with Sell allows you to automatically log meetings, notes and transcripts.

Integrate Sell with Fireflies

Log in to your Fireflies account and then click Integrations on the main menu found on the left.

On the Integrations page, hit the Sell icon.

Click Connect

Click Authorize.

You have successfully enabled Sell on your Fireflies App.

Back on the Fireflies Integrations page, you'll notice the Active badge.

A call will automatically be logged in Sell under the appropriate contact.

Configure your Settings

Toggle the button for Only log meeting data if contact exists if you only want Fireflies to log meetings if the contact exists in Sell already.

Toggle the button for Log just a note after a meeting ends if you only want Fireflies to log the notes.

You can click Insert Sample Data to check how Fireflies will log data on Sell and/or click Resync past meetings to log your previous meetings.
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