Zapier is a platform that lets you automate your workflow by telling the apps you use what to do. A simple Fireflies workflow would be to automate inviting Fireflies to your meetings by way of Google Calendar.

First, log in to your Fireflies account and then click Integrations on the main menu found on the left.

On the Integrations page, hit the Zapier icon.

Copy the API Key--you would be needing that later. Click the Connect button.

Log in to your Zapier account.

At this point, you're ready to make a Zap in Zapier, which is simply setting up an action that is executed whenever a trigger happens. For our purposes here, we will invite Fireflies to our meetings using Gmail.

To start, hit the Make a Zap button.

Here you get to tell Zapier what apps to open and what you need them to do at what time.

Name your Zap (e.g. Monday Townhall).

Choose App:
Choose Trigger Event: New Meeting

Sign in to

To allow Zapier to access your Fireflies account (as the prompt asks), paste your API Key and type associated email.

Now you can configure your meeting preferences including enabling speaker names or choosing transcript format.

Zapier allows you to test whether this action is working thus far. Click Test Trigger to do so. Here's what it looks like when it was successfully accomplished:

Choose App: Gmail
Choose Action Event: Create Draft

Choose which Gmail account you're going to use and sign in.

This section is where you make your customizations (e.g. email address from/to, title, body message).

You can test this event action if it's working the way you intended it to.

Click Turn On Zap.

On the Fireflies Zapier Integrations page, it should register as connected

All of the notes Fireflies sends you will automatically be sent to your Zapier workflow.
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