You can reactivate a team member that was previously deactivated. It's easy, unless you haven't removed entirely from the team. The team member's account can be found on the Deactivated list.

Note: Only the admin can deactivate and reactivate member's accounts. Please follow the steps.

First, log in to your Fireflies account. Then on the main menu on the left, kindly click Teams.

The default landing page shows the list of all the team members whose accounts are active.

On the top heading, hit DEACTIVATED to get to the list of deactivated accounts.

Here you would find the list of deactivated accounts.

The details might be grayed out, but on the Actions column you would be able click on the menu icon.

Hit Activate User. You should be able to find the account back on the Active list.

If a team member's account was cancelled or removed from the team, you would need to invite him or her again.
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