Why is Fireflies joining my meetings uninvited?

1. Your Autojoin Settings

Most likely your Autojoin Settings are configured to Join all calendar events that have a meeting or Join all calendar events that I own. You need to set it to manual in order to control which meetings you want to record or transcribe.

How to Set It to Manual

Log in to your Fireflies account.

Go to Settings by clicking on the menu on the left.

On the Autojoin Settings section, select Join only when I invite fred@fireflies.ai.

Note: Fireflies will still join your meetings according to how you set your Meeting Rules.

The next time you create an event on Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, you would need to invite fred@fireflies.ai as a guest to that meeting.

2. Other Participants Are Using Fireflies

If you haven't signed up for an account but Fireflies.ai Notetaker attended your meeting, it means one (or more) of the participants is using Fireflies. This is also the case if you receive meeting recaps unexpectedly.

You can boot out Fireflies from the meeting any time just like any participant.

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