Fireflies allows you to set preferences including what meetings it attends, who receives the recaps, etc. Here is a more in-depth explanation of what you can configure on your account settings.

Go to

Sign up with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

Log in with your credentials. (Read How to Log In to Fireflies.)

On the menu to the left, click Settings.

Customize Fireflies

Here on the Settings page, you would be able to make powerful adjustments.

On the Autojoin Settings section, select which meetings you want Fireflies to join. You can configure it so that Fireflies joins all your meetings or only specific meetings that you invite it to.

Our system will detect which meetings are with teammates and which meetings are with external folks based on the email domains of the other participants on the meeting invite.

On the Email Settings section, select the people who will receive the transcripts and audio recaps.

With the option Send recaps to only me and my teammates, "teammates" is only available if you are part of a Fireflies Team.

On the Privacy Settings section, select the people who will be able to view the meeting recaps.

On the Meeting Rules section, input keywords you want Fireflies to join. If the title of a meeting contains any of the words, it instructs Fireflies to join.

There's also a field for inputting keywords you don't want Fireflies to join.

The way the Meeting Rules works is dependent on your Autojoin Setting. Please read this for the explanation.

On the Meeting Compliance section, you can set up the meeting notification, which is emailed to participants. The notification tells meeting participants to comply with call recording rules.

Toggle on PARTICIPANTS ARE NOTIFIED WITH YOUR MESSAGE to enable notifications.

You can customize the message according to your requirements. Just click on the text and start editing.

On the Industry Settings section, select the type of meeting you commonly attend. This way, Fireflies will optimize the speech model for the industry, making for more precise transcriptions.

On the Custom Vocabulary section, input words you want Fireflies AI to learn. This is especially helpful with proper nouns and phrases that you commonly use. Fireflies will train on it to customize your experience.

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