It takes 15-20 minutes for our system to process meetings. If it is past 20 minutes and you haven't received a meeting recap yet, please check the following scenarios to help identify the issue:

Scenario 1 :: Fred did not join your meeting

Here's a step-by-step guide to check:

Scenario 2 :: Did not receive an email from Fred that it will join the meeting

When sending an invite to Fred, please make sure that you press the send invitation to Google Calendar guests

Scenario 3 :: The meeting ended ahead of the scheduled time

Our system will process the meeting on the scheduled end time regardless if the meeting ended early.

If there are still issues, please contact and be ready with the following information:

Meeting title
Time of meeting (please include Time zone)
Web conferencing app used (Example: Zoom, Hangouts, Google Meet, etc)
Screenshot of the invite
Did Fred join the meeting?
Did Fred send a confirmation email that it will be joining?
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