If you're using a dialer/telephony service that records calls/voicemails and has a Zapier integration, you can seamlessly have those calls transcribed with Fireflies if you are on the Pro/Business Tier.

Step 1:
Ensure you have Zapier integration access permissions for the dialer service you are using. Ex: Aircall

Step 2:
Visit Zapier Settings in the Fireflies dashboard and hit connect

Step 3:
Click Accept Invite & Start Building a Zap

Step 4:
Create a Zapier flow starting with your Dialer/Telephony app and for the trigger select the call recording audio file.

Ex with RingCentral

Step 5:
Select Fireflies and choose Audio Upload for the action event

When you press continue it may ask you to enter your Fireflies API Key (found here) and account email that you are registered with.

Step 6:
In the Audio URL Link section select the call recording file from your dialer system. Fireflies can process MP3 or .WAV files.

Step 7:
Finish off by entering your Fireflies Zapier API Key, set a meeting title and complete that Zap.

That's all there is to it. Anytime a call recording is made in your dialer system it will send it to Zapier. Then the transcript will automatically get processed inside Fireflies and saved to your notebook. You will also receive an email with the recap.

Examples of Supported Dialer/Telephony Systems
20+ other telephony apps supported through Zapier

Zapier Audio Rate Limits:
Pro Tier Users: 400 mins/mo of free transcription credits
Business Tier Users: 900 mins/mo of free transcription credits
Additional mins: $0.05/min
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