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A Segment event will automatically be sent for all of the meetings that occur in Fireflies with the following event data:

Event name: Fireflies Meeting Note  

owner  - The email address of person in Fireflies who created the integration
notes - The summarized bullet point notes
duration  - The duration of the meeting in minutes
contact  - The primary contact that the notes are associated with
participants - The participants on the meeting (up to 50), formatted like,,
title  - The title of the meeting
date  - The start date of the meeting, formatted like Wed Jul 10 at 1:00 PM PDT
recording  - A link to the .mp3 audio recording of the meeting (Pro feature)
link  - A link to the full Fireflies meeting notes

If you'd like the entire transcript  to be included in your Segment integration, or you have a request for different data, please contact us at
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