Your Notebook has very useful features that allow you to make the most out of your Fireflies account. You can create and share sound bites, communicate your thoughts to your team, search for keywords, etc.

Meeting Markers

Fireflies allows you to flag important moments from meetings that you or your teammates can refer back to.

Click the Pin, Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down anywhere on the audio bar 


You can leave comments at specific parts of a call by going to the Thread tab, typing your comment and clicking the Submit button.

Edit, Delete or Respond to Comments

You can edit, delete or respond to a comment or note. Just hover your mouse over the comment and hit the appropriate icon (pencil, trash can, arrow).

Comments are visible to your teammates and they will be able to respond to it as well.

Search Meetings

Fireflies allows you to go through a 1-hour meeting in 5 minutes! Go to the Transcript tab on the right side of the page to look for specific words on your meeting.

The Smart Search filter, found on the left side of the page, allows you to search for tasks discussed, questions and other key topics.

Create Sound Bites

Fireflies allows you to create short clips from your meetings. Just follow the steps below to create a sound bite:

Click Soundbites tab.
Click the Create Soundbite button.
Enter the Title, Start Time, End Time and Tags. Then click Create.

Share the clip using the link provided or via email!

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