Custom Vocabulary

Custom Vocabulary is for when you use unique names or words on the call that you want the system to pick up accurately in the transcription.

On the menu to the left, click Settings.

On the Custom Vocabulary section, input words you want Fireflies AI to learn.

This is especially helpful with proper nouns and phrases that you commonly use. Fireflies will train on it to customize your experience.

Topic Tracking

Topics Tracking helps you track, organize and search your call data. By creating custom topics, you can filter through your meetings and calls faster.

Go to Topic Tracker by clicking on the menu on the left.

Enter the topic name and keywords on the given fields.

Click the Add button.

You'll find your topic with its keywords at the Existing Topics section at the bottom.

How to Use Topic Trackers

On the meeting page, the Smart Search section is found on the left. Click the topic and/or keywords you'd like to find on your transcript. The transcript will show the lines where the words were mentioned.

Both features are available starting from the Pro Tier.

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